Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tim Halperin takes on Lauren Alaina "Unchained Melody" Top 5 Idol Got it Wrong

This song might have gotten Lauren Alaina in the bottom two this week. We're not particularly fond of this song but hey... Who did justice to this trite old song?

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tim Halperin takes Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams on "Idol Got it Wrong" Top 6 Carole King week

This week, Tim sings off with the duo Casey and Haley performing "I feel the Earth Move" on Carole King week.

Who did the song justice? Think Idol got it wrong? Take the poll here.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tim Halperin competing against Jacob Lusk "Bridge Over Troubled Water" cover (Video)

Tim Halperin sings "Bridge Over Troubled Water" on Kidd Kraddick in the Morning for the Idol Got It Wrong competition.

Did Tim sing it better than Jacob??? Vote at

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tim Halperin "When a Man Loves a Woman"

Tim Halperin, sings "When A Man Loves A Woman" by Percy Sledge, for Kidd Kraddick in the Morning's Idol Got It Wrong Competition.

Tim is "battling" against Stefano Langone who performed this song on "Rock & Roll Hall of Fame" Theme on April 6th.

Who did it better? Voting on Facebook is still open here.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kidd Kraddick Thinks Idol Robbed Tim Halperin

CLEAR CHANNEL Top 40 KHKS (106.1 KISS-FM)/DALLAS morning maven and syndicated wakeup man KIDD KRADDICK thinks that AMERICAN IDOL got it wrong by voting off contestant, TIM HALPERIN. To prove it, KRADDICK is starting an "IDOL Got It Wrong Campaign" to show his 2 million+ listeners just how talented an artist HALPERIN truly is.

HALPERIN plays a big part in this campaign -- he needs to prove that IDOL Got it Wrong to KRADDICK's audience. To do so, HALPERIN will come to the KIDD KRADDICK in the Morning studios every THURSDAY morning after IDOL and perform a song that a contestant sang the previous night. Listeners will then vote on who they think performed the song better -- TIM HALPERIN or the IDOL contestant.

Listeners will be able to cast their vote on, and on, starting every THURSDAY through SUNDAY night at 11:59p CT. "He will be head-to-head against whomever sang that song the night before," KRADDICK explained. "The listeners will vote on who did it best. If they vote for TIM, he'll come back the next week and do it again. If they vote for the other guy, this experiment will come to a crashing halt. Game over."

"Radio today is about the song, not the artist," added KRADDICK. "It doesn't matter if you're famous or completely unknown ... if you've got a great song, you can break through. After listening to TIM's song about 10 times in my office, I had that recognizable feeling that this was special."

via All Access

Monday, March 28, 2011

Kickstart Tim Halperin's "The Last Song" Music Video; pledge and get cool stuff in return!

from Tim:

Hello My Friends!

The past few months of my life have been a wild ride! So much has happened, but my passion and dream remain the same: connecting with people through music.

Three weeks ago I gave away the first track that I recorded for my debut full-length album called 'The Last Song'. I also performed the song on many TV and radio programs, including 'Kidd Kraddick' and 'Pat and JT in the Morning'. The response to the song was overwhelmingly positive, and I saw an opportunity to get you all involved.

I approached my good friends, and directors of my 'She Runs' music video, Jonathan Combs and Joe Childress. I asked them if they would be interested in making an even bigger, better music video for 'The Last Song'. They excitedly jumped on board and thought of a brilliant concept for a new music video. Since the concept is pretty intense, we knew that the budget would be bigger for this video.

I created a Kickstarter page in hopes that you would join with me in making this music video a reality. You can donate to the project and receive different 'Tim Prizes' in return. Browse through the items on the right and take your pick.

I thank you in advance for joining me on this journey. Your support has kept me inspired and excited about this opening chapter of my musical career. Now let's make a killer music video!

Project location: Fort Worth, TX

Learn more or pledge...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tim Halperin starts blogging on Tumblr

Today, March 26th Tim opens up his 'new life' after American Idol via his own personal blog and aptly titled it: Tim Halperin: Living Outside the TV

"Join me as I get ready to release my debut full-length CD and figure out what my journey will look like in the music industry."

Follow Tim on Tumblr.

Tim Halperin sings new cover: "Something" by The Beatles

Tim Halperin showcased his voice on American Idol 'Beatles Night' in Hollywood back in February singing "Something" with fellow contestant Julie Zorilla. It was truly something...


Here's a beautiful solo cover from Tim. Piano and great vocals= what a delightful combination!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

3/12 Tim Halperin American Idol Updates

Pia Toscano, who is still in the running for the American Idol title tweeted this pic with Tim Halperin today:

Top 24 Semi-finalists Backstage: Their signature moves!

AI Now Exclusive Q&A With Season 10 Contestant Tim Halperin:
Reporting by Ashley

Q: "You're going to Hollywood!" What was your immediate thought/reaction? And, why did you decide to audition this season?
A: My initial reaction was overwhelming happiness. I remember smiling for about an hour straight. I decided to audition this season because they had Myspace auditions, which was convenient for me.

Q: How did you prepare for Hollywood Week? Was Hollywood Week what you expected it to be as far as the demanding schedule and vocal work?
A: I didn't do too much to prepare for Hollywood Week. I picked out my first song and began rehearsing it and figuring out exactly how I wanted to sing it. Other than that, I just kept playing shows and writing music like I always do. I didn't really know what to expect from Hollywood Week because I hadn't really seen any Hollywood Week episodes. The schedule was pretty demanding and the hardest part was rehearsing the right amount. If you over-rehearse in Hollywood Week, you run the chance of losing your voice. Under-rehearsing, on the other hand, will not serve you well because you might forget lyrics or melodies.

Q: What do you think of the new judging panel this season? Who is your favorite judge and why?
A: I like the new judging panel this season because Steven and Jennifer bring a lot of combined hard work and experience to the table. Their comments are genuine and helpful. I felt like they wanted to see me grow and succeed on the show. My favorite judge is Jennifer, not just because I've crushed on her for a while. I could tell she really meant what she said during critiques. None of her comments felt scripted.

Q: Who is your favorite past Idol winner/finalist and why? And, who is your biggest musical inspiration?
A: My favorite Idol finalist is Daughtry because he has a distinct voice and style. He proved that you don't have to win to have a successful music career.
My biggest influence is Coldplay; their songwriting captures emotion. Also, the Coldplay Live 2003 DVD made me want to play music for a living. Their live shows bring so much energy and passion to the stage.

Q: What is one thing you wish people would have learned about you on the show that they didn't?
A: I wish people knew my personality and my story. I am a pretty goofy, lighthearted guy, and I feel like that never truly came across. Also, a big part of my music is my desire to give back. Just before auditioning for Idol, I had written and recorded a song for breast cancer survivors in coordination with Susan G Komen for the Cure. The proceeds from the iTunes sale of this song all went back to Komen to fight breast cancer. I will continue to be this type of artist in the coming years.

Q: Do you have any 'guilty pleasure' music on your iPod?
A: The album 'Big Willie Style' by Will Smith is one of my absolute favorites. Also, I definitely have NSYNC and Backstreet Boys jammin' on my iPod.

Q: It's a known fact that Idol contestants enjoy pulling pranks on each other both during the season and on tour. Were any pranks being pulled during your Idol journey; anything YOU were responsible for?
A: I like this question. I am a prankster. I actually brought a small remote controlled helicopter to LA. Casey Abrams and I had a blast flying it into rooms, surprising other contestants and the parents of the young contestants.

Q: Is there anyone in the Top 12 that you see as a front runner? Who are you pulling for to win?
A: I have no clue who will win this year. It really is anybody's year because there is so much talent and so much variety. It all depends on who America wants for their next superstar. I made several friendships while in LA, but I am closest with Casey and Jacob. I'll be cheering them on, but I am cheering on everybody.

Q: What song were you looking forward to performing for America?
A: I really wanted to perform 'Free Falling' by Tom Petty. I do a cool piano version of that song and I think America would have dug it. Also, I wanted to play some more original music if the opportunity arose. For me, Idol was about gaining momentum and a launching pad for my career as an artist.

Q: Had you watched the show in previous seasons? If so, how does your experience compare to what America sees on TV? And, if given the chance, would you do it all over again?
A: I had watched several episodes of the show in the past, but never a complete season. What America doesn't realize is that each episode is cut down to a couple hours from hundreds of hours of film. There are so many interviews and random footage that goes into the show. It was interesting to see just how much is filmed. I don't think I would do it all over again. It was a great experience and I took a lot away from it, but I'm ready to move on with my music career.

Q: Complete this sentence: "In the future I hope to..."
A: In the future I hope to be playing music full-time, putting out innovative records and writing music that connects with the listener.

Q: How can fans keep up with you?
A: Twitter:
Also everyone can download a new song for FREE at my website!


Tim Halperin sings for Kidd Kraddick live in the Morning radio show

Kidd Kraddick in the Morning is an American morning radio show hosted by Kidd Kraddick on Citadel Interactive (formerly ABC Radio Networks). Tim stops by to chat and sing some amazing tracks!

Tim Halperin and Jenna sing "I Need You Now" by Lady Antebellum

Tim Halperin - "Last Song" live performance + his American Idol contract

Tim Halprerin covers "You Found Me" by The Fray and shares his American Idol frustrations

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tim Halperin with Pat & JT in the morning on Q98.5 FM (VIDEOS)

Tim Halperin stops by the radio station of Q98.5 FM in Omaha, NE with Pat & JT morning show.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Star-Telegram: Tim Halperin satisfied with 'Idol' run, which ended in top 24

By Robert Philpot

TCU grad Tim Halperin wasn't on American Idol very long this season -- he made the top 24 but was cut in the first results show -- but if you're familiar with his offbeat singer-songwriter style, it might be an even bigger surprise that he was on the show at all.

"I don't really see myself as an American Idol type, either," Halperin said Monday during a brief phone interview. "But there are some people that I really respect in the music industry, and one of those guys gave me a call and said, 'Hey, American Idol is working with Interscope, and that's a very reputable label. They're doing MySpace auditions this year, and I know you're busy, but it'll only take you five minutes to put a MySpace video online.'"

Halperin, who has been working on an album he hopes to release by September, gave it some thought and did the video, which led to an audition in front of the Idol judges in Los Angeles. The judges were split on sending him forward, with Randy Jackson casting a no vote but Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez supplying the needed yes votes that started him on his journey (with stops in Hollywood and Las Vegas) to the top 24.
"Initially, it was frustrating for me when Randy said, 'You need to figure out what kind of artist you want to be,' because I know what kind of artist I want to be," says Halperin, who was calling from his native Omaha, Neb. "Nerves got the best of me, definitely, going into the audition, so I didn't sing as strong as I could have.... But after that [initial] audition, to be honest, I felt like all the performances went really well."
Lopez seemed particularly supportive, but Halperin says he received no advice from the judges other than what he heard immediately after his performances.

"I will say that all the judges are really kind people," Halperin says. "I was impressed with the fact that I felt like their comments were very sincere.... It's meaningful to have a judging panel that has really had to make their own way in the music industry and can relate to the contestants, who are going through the same thing."
The 23-year-old singer received a lot of support from TCU, which held a viewing party during his Idol performance episode, and from his hometown.

"I love both cities," says Halperin, who now lives in Fort Worth. "Omaha is ... where I truly started to fall in love with music. Fort Worth is where I really developed into the artist that I wanted to be.... So I was just really humbled by the amount of support I got from both cities."
Although he didn't make the top 13, Halperin says Idol has already given him a huge boost in visibility, which is what he was hoping to get out of the show. Idol's cuts this year were more brutal than usual -- 11 semifinalists were eliminated in one episode, leaving a top 13 composed of 10 contestants voted in by viewers and three chosen as "wild card" picks by judges. But Halperin says he has no regrets.
"I knew that no matter what happened, I have a lot of things in the works back in Fort Worth," he says. "I have a fan base, and there's things that I've been working at, so this was just a great opportunity for exposure and to show America what I've got."

via Star-Telegram by Robert Philpot

Thursday, March 10, 2011

BlogCritics interview with Tim Halperin post American Idol

PART I, by Kirsten Coachman

I find that it’s hard to ignore talent. The main reason I continue to watch American Idol after all these years is to see what each season’s crop of talent brings to the table. This season we were introduced to 23-year-old Tim Halperin, a singer-songwriter from Fort Worth, Texas. After making it through to Hollywood Week, Halperin moved on to the Vegas round where he had a stellar, standout performance, which helped take him through to the Top 24.
After falling short of making the Top 13 this past week, Halperin headed home to Omaha, Nebraska to be with his family. He graciously took the time to chat with me over the phone this weekend about his American Idol experience.
I know it’s been only a couple days, but how is post-Idol life treating you?
It’s good. It’s a transition, for sure. It’s crazy going from being on the number one TV show in America to being back in reality. I feel like I’ve had a smooth transition for the most part.
AMERICAN IDOL: Los Angeles: Tim Halperin, 23, from Fort Worth, TX performs in front of the judges on Thursday, Feb. 3 on FOX. CR: Michael Becker / FOX.
How did you first get your start in music?
I grew up just loving music, started taking piano lessons at six-years-old. In middle school, I started playing with the worship team at church, and then eventually started playing with bands in high school. And when I went off to college at TCU, I had started recording and playing some more shows. Then I graduated from TCU here in May.
Wow, so you’re fresh out of college?
Yeah, timing-wise it was really perfect for Idol to happen.
So, when did you really start working on your songwriting?
It was about during my sophomore year of high school, I believe, when I wrote my first kind of serious song. It was really slow at first. You know, I’d write a couple here. When I got to college, I just started writing some more. I played a talent show my sophomore year of college, and people were wondering when I was going to release some of the songs that I had written. And I was like, maybe that’s a good idea. Maybe I should do a short CD. I recorded a five-track CD and put it up on iTunes by the winter of my sophomore year in college. That led me to keep songwriting.

PART II by Kirsten Coachman

In the first part of my chat with American Idol season 10 Top 24 contestant, Tim Halperin, we touched on the earlier rounds of his Idol journey, from his initial audition in front of the judges in L.A. to making it into the Top 24.
During the final part of my interview with Halperin, we talked about Top 24 from his song selection to the Wild Card round, what he took away from his American Idol experience, and what lies ahead for his music career.
How did you go about selecting your song for Top 24?
AMERICAN IDOL; Top 24: Tim Halperin performs in front of the judges on AMERICAN IDOL airing Tuesday, March 1, (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Michael Becker / FOXFor Top 24, I had a list of about five or six songs that I thought would be really good. And the thing that I wanted to do for Top 24 was show off the fact that I wasn’t a one-trick pony; I wasn’t kind of pigeon-holed in one sound. Up until that point, I had really done slower kind of ballad type songs, which is definitely probably one of my strongest types of songs to sing, but there’s also this soulful part of my voice. I love doing soul/pop rock kind of tunes.
I was looking at Gavin DeGraw, I was looking at John Mayer, and of course that Rob Thomas song. We rehearsed, and felt the Rob Thomas song was just a really good fit for my voice.
Rehearsals went well, I was able to fine-tune it, and I felt like even the on stage rehearsals were going really well. I thought the performance, to be honest with you, went really well. If you notice when you watch the crowd, they really loved it. I thought that it went really well, and the judges thought that it wasn’t my style. Maybe it wasn’t, and I can see where they’re coming from, just because all they’d really heard me perform were ballads. Maybe I should have stuck with that sound for my first round, before I ventured off into something else.
For me, I have no regrets with that song choice. The other thing that was kind of hard to deal with was when Ryan asked Steven what type of song I should have picked and he said John Mayer or Jason Mraz, when in fact, John Mayer co-wrote that song that I sang and played guitar on the track. So that was kind of frustrating to hear.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tim Halperin says'Thank You' to fans with a FREE mp3 download of "Last Song"

Tim isn't wasting time sharing his music with the fans!

As a way of thanks for the fans' support in his American Idol run, Tim is giving a free mp3 download of his original track "Last Song."

We're saying THANK YOU right back atcha, Tim!! We heart you and we'll wait for your album release on September!

Get your FREE download here.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Did Tim Halperin make it or not in the American Idol Final 10?

UPDATE: They just announced Tim's results with Jacob Lusk and Casey Abrams. Tim Halperin DID NOT make it... What a sad night for all Tim fans :(

This is the final result:

Top 13

* Scott McCreery
* Pia Toscano
* Lauren Alaina
* Karen Rodriguez
* Jacob Lusk
* Casey James
* Thia Megia
* Paul McDonald
* Haley Reinhart
* James Durbin

From the wildcard round picks:

* Ashthon Jones
* Naima Adedapo
* Stefano Langone


* Robbie Rosen
* Clint Gamboa
* Jovany Barreto
* Jordan Dorsey
* Tatynisa Wilson
* Julie Zorrilla
* Ashthon Jones back in the game
* Kendra Chantelle
** Tim Halperin **
* Naima Adedapo back in the game
* Lauren Turner
* Brett Loewenstern
* Rachel Zevita
* Stefano Langone back in the game

Will the judges pick him for the wild card??! We can only hope...

Earlier notes:

We'll find out... It's a two hour show and they haven't called on Tim's fate yet.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

AI10 Performance Night: Tim Halperin invites you to 'Come on Over' and vote for him!! (Photos/Video)

This is such a feel good song! Unfortunately... the arrangement of the song is all wrong! The key is all wrong! Sorry Tim but we agree with the judges... Still, know that we ARE VOTING FOR YOU!!! :(

VOTE FOR TIM, call 1 866 436 5704

Text: the word "VOTE" to 5704

ONLINE, go to and log in using your Facebook account. Look for Tim's image and click vote. Do so 50 times!!

Check out the origial verion from Rob Thomas...

Streetcorner Symphony (Album Version)

"Streetcorner Symphony" is the fifth single from Rob Thomas's solo album …Something to Be. It was released on October 16, 2006. The song features John Mayer on lead guitar and backing vocals.

This song has been featured on advertisements for ABC's Thursday-night lineup, including Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, and Six Degrees. Rob and his band sang it on Good Morning America, and Matt Lauer on The Today Show has stated on several occasions that he loves the song. (Wikipedia)

"Streetcorner Symphony"
It's morning
I wake up
The taste of summer sweetness on my mind
It's a clear day
In this city
Let's go dance under the street lights
All the people in this world
Let's come together
More than ever
I can feel it
Can you feel it

Come on over
Down to the corner
My sisters and my brothers of every different color
Can't you feel that sunshine telling you to hold tight
Things will be alright
Try to find a better life
Come on over
Down to the corner
My sisters and my brothers there for one another
Come on over
Man I know you wanna let yourself go
 Hurray for Tim's family and friends!!
 Tim listens to the judges with a 'worried' look
 happy that he got more face time by chatting with host Ryan Seacrest for a bit...


with Karen Rodriguez and Lauren Turner

with Lauren Turner and Jovanny Barreto

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spoiler: American Idol 10 Top 12 guys song list and order of performances

It is always interesting how spoilers get around so quickly online and they're almost always 99.99% accurate! If you're one to want the suspense gone- read on. If you don't want to know, please skip this page right away!!

Last Friday was the taping for the performance night of the Top 12 guys in CBS Television City in Hollywood. The show will be aired on Tuesday, March 1st.

Tim is performing 4th with Matchbox 20- Rob Thomas' Streetcorner Symphony/Come on Over- song from his first album as a solo artist released in 2006. The report said Tim did not get good reviews from the judges!! Hopefully America will not be swayed- just means Tim fans will have to work doubly hard to vote for Tim! :)

This is a hard song to sing so we'll see:

Rob Thomas: "Streetcorner Symphony / Come on over"

Streetcorner Symphony

Performance order and songs:

1. Clint Gamboa: Superstitious – Stevie Wonder

2. Jovany Barreto: I’ll Be – Edward McCann

3. Jordan Dorsey: OMG – Usher

4. Tim Halperin: Streetcorner Symphony/Come on Over – Rob Thomas

5. Brett Loewenstern: Light My Fire – the Doors

6. James Durbin: You Got Another Thing Comin’ JUDAS Priest

7. Robbie Rosen: In the Arms of An Angel -Sarah MacLachlan

8. Scotty McCreery: Letters From Home – John Michael Montgomery

9. Stefano Langone: Just The Way You Are -Bruno Mars

10. Paul McDonald – Maggie Mae – Rod Stewart

11. Jacob Lusk: House Is Not A Home – Luther Vandross

12. Casey Abrams: – I Put A Spell On You – Creedence Clearwater Revival

via joesplace blog

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Idol 10 Prom: Tim Halperin, Top 24 semi-finalists debut at the blue carpet

Immediately following the Top 24 semi-finalists reveal of American Idol 10 on television, we hear that the entire cast went to the annual welcome party sponsored by FOX.

Dubbed as Idol prom, the exclusive party is not only attended by the contestants but other idol alums and celebrities as well.

 Photos by Mark Davis / Fox

We'll add more pics and or videos as soon as we find them! Check back again soon...

The "goofy" dance from the Idol 10 Top 12 guys feat. Tim Halperin and company!

Presenting the Top 12 guys of American Idol Season 10:

Brett Loewenstern, Casey Abrams, Stefano Langone, James Durbin, Jovany Barreto, Jordan Dorsey, Scotty McCreery, Clint Jun Gamboa, Paul Mc Donald, Jacob Lusk, Robbie Rosen, and Tim Halperin.

Tim Halperin makes it to Top 24!!

By now, Tim Halperin and the rest of the Top 24 are out partying for the annual Top 24 welcome and have walked on the blue carpet at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. We'll post pics as soon as we find them!!

Singing an original piece looking very comfortable on the piano, Tim is just mesmerizing to watch. Here's Tim's results at tonight's Idol episode:

We're not sure of the title but correct us, "When it's over"...

"Something" beautiful and sweet from Tim Halperin and Julie Zorrilla on American Idol Beatles Las Vegas round