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3/12 Tim Halperin American Idol Updates

Pia Toscano, who is still in the running for the American Idol title tweeted this pic with Tim Halperin today:

Top 24 Semi-finalists Backstage: Their signature moves!

AI Now Exclusive Q&A With Season 10 Contestant Tim Halperin:
Reporting by Ashley

Q: "You're going to Hollywood!" What was your immediate thought/reaction? And, why did you decide to audition this season?
A: My initial reaction was overwhelming happiness. I remember smiling for about an hour straight. I decided to audition this season because they had Myspace auditions, which was convenient for me.

Q: How did you prepare for Hollywood Week? Was Hollywood Week what you expected it to be as far as the demanding schedule and vocal work?
A: I didn't do too much to prepare for Hollywood Week. I picked out my first song and began rehearsing it and figuring out exactly how I wanted to sing it. Other than that, I just kept playing shows and writing music like I always do. I didn't really know what to expect from Hollywood Week because I hadn't really seen any Hollywood Week episodes. The schedule was pretty demanding and the hardest part was rehearsing the right amount. If you over-rehearse in Hollywood Week, you run the chance of losing your voice. Under-rehearsing, on the other hand, will not serve you well because you might forget lyrics or melodies.

Q: What do you think of the new judging panel this season? Who is your favorite judge and why?
A: I like the new judging panel this season because Steven and Jennifer bring a lot of combined hard work and experience to the table. Their comments are genuine and helpful. I felt like they wanted to see me grow and succeed on the show. My favorite judge is Jennifer, not just because I've crushed on her for a while. I could tell she really meant what she said during critiques. None of her comments felt scripted.

Q: Who is your favorite past Idol winner/finalist and why? And, who is your biggest musical inspiration?
A: My favorite Idol finalist is Daughtry because he has a distinct voice and style. He proved that you don't have to win to have a successful music career.
My biggest influence is Coldplay; their songwriting captures emotion. Also, the Coldplay Live 2003 DVD made me want to play music for a living. Their live shows bring so much energy and passion to the stage.

Q: What is one thing you wish people would have learned about you on the show that they didn't?
A: I wish people knew my personality and my story. I am a pretty goofy, lighthearted guy, and I feel like that never truly came across. Also, a big part of my music is my desire to give back. Just before auditioning for Idol, I had written and recorded a song for breast cancer survivors in coordination with Susan G Komen for the Cure. The proceeds from the iTunes sale of this song all went back to Komen to fight breast cancer. I will continue to be this type of artist in the coming years.

Q: Do you have any 'guilty pleasure' music on your iPod?
A: The album 'Big Willie Style' by Will Smith is one of my absolute favorites. Also, I definitely have NSYNC and Backstreet Boys jammin' on my iPod.

Q: It's a known fact that Idol contestants enjoy pulling pranks on each other both during the season and on tour. Were any pranks being pulled during your Idol journey; anything YOU were responsible for?
A: I like this question. I am a prankster. I actually brought a small remote controlled helicopter to LA. Casey Abrams and I had a blast flying it into rooms, surprising other contestants and the parents of the young contestants.

Q: Is there anyone in the Top 12 that you see as a front runner? Who are you pulling for to win?
A: I have no clue who will win this year. It really is anybody's year because there is so much talent and so much variety. It all depends on who America wants for their next superstar. I made several friendships while in LA, but I am closest with Casey and Jacob. I'll be cheering them on, but I am cheering on everybody.

Q: What song were you looking forward to performing for America?
A: I really wanted to perform 'Free Falling' by Tom Petty. I do a cool piano version of that song and I think America would have dug it. Also, I wanted to play some more original music if the opportunity arose. For me, Idol was about gaining momentum and a launching pad for my career as an artist.

Q: Had you watched the show in previous seasons? If so, how does your experience compare to what America sees on TV? And, if given the chance, would you do it all over again?
A: I had watched several episodes of the show in the past, but never a complete season. What America doesn't realize is that each episode is cut down to a couple hours from hundreds of hours of film. There are so many interviews and random footage that goes into the show. It was interesting to see just how much is filmed. I don't think I would do it all over again. It was a great experience and I took a lot away from it, but I'm ready to move on with my music career.

Q: Complete this sentence: "In the future I hope to..."
A: In the future I hope to be playing music full-time, putting out innovative records and writing music that connects with the listener.

Q: How can fans keep up with you?
A: Twitter:
Also everyone can download a new song for FREE at my website!


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