Thursday, March 3, 2011

Did Tim Halperin make it or not in the American Idol Final 10?

UPDATE: They just announced Tim's results with Jacob Lusk and Casey Abrams. Tim Halperin DID NOT make it... What a sad night for all Tim fans :(

This is the final result:

Top 13

* Scott McCreery
* Pia Toscano
* Lauren Alaina
* Karen Rodriguez
* Jacob Lusk
* Casey James
* Thia Megia
* Paul McDonald
* Haley Reinhart
* James Durbin

From the wildcard round picks:

* Ashthon Jones
* Naima Adedapo
* Stefano Langone


* Robbie Rosen
* Clint Gamboa
* Jovany Barreto
* Jordan Dorsey
* Tatynisa Wilson
* Julie Zorrilla
* Ashthon Jones back in the game
* Kendra Chantelle
** Tim Halperin **
* Naima Adedapo back in the game
* Lauren Turner
* Brett Loewenstern
* Rachel Zevita
* Stefano Langone back in the game

Will the judges pick him for the wild card??! We can only hope...

Earlier notes:

We'll find out... It's a two hour show and they haven't called on Tim's fate yet.

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