Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kidd Kraddick Thinks Idol Robbed Tim Halperin

CLEAR CHANNEL Top 40 KHKS (106.1 KISS-FM)/DALLAS morning maven and syndicated wakeup man KIDD KRADDICK thinks that AMERICAN IDOL got it wrong by voting off contestant, TIM HALPERIN. To prove it, KRADDICK is starting an "IDOL Got It Wrong Campaign" to show his 2 million+ listeners just how talented an artist HALPERIN truly is.

HALPERIN plays a big part in this campaign -- he needs to prove that IDOL Got it Wrong to KRADDICK's audience. To do so, HALPERIN will come to the KIDD KRADDICK in the Morning studios every THURSDAY morning after IDOL and perform a song that a contestant sang the previous night. Listeners will then vote on who they think performed the song better -- TIM HALPERIN or the IDOL contestant.

Listeners will be able to cast their vote on, and on, starting every THURSDAY through SUNDAY night at 11:59p CT. "He will be head-to-head against whomever sang that song the night before," KRADDICK explained. "The listeners will vote on who did it best. If they vote for TIM, he'll come back the next week and do it again. If they vote for the other guy, this experiment will come to a crashing halt. Game over."

"Radio today is about the song, not the artist," added KRADDICK. "It doesn't matter if you're famous or completely unknown ... if you've got a great song, you can break through. After listening to TIM's song about 10 times in my office, I had that recognizable feeling that this was special."

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